About Us

MILASMED PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED, established in January 2023, is a leading pharmaceutical trading and marketing company. With a strong emphasis on quality, we specialize in sourcing top-notch raw materials from both domestic markets, providing comprehensive solutions to our valued customers. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedicated team of professionals in sales, procurement, logistics, accounting, and administration enable us to establish a strong market position. We are driven by excellence and continually adapt to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, ensuring the highest level of service to our clients.


Our mission is to consistently deliver high-quality pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals products, meeting the diverse needs of healthcare professionals and consumers. We are committed to sourcing top-quality raw materials, ensuring strict quality control measures, and providing comprehensive solutions that enhance the accessibility and efficacy of healthcare treatments.


Our vision is to become a trusted leader in the pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals industry, providing innovative solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of communities worldwide. We aim to achieve this by delivering exceptional products, fostering strong partnerships, and driving advancements in healthcare.